A Trans Charter For Education

During one workshop at the 2015 Conference, the young people attending developed a Trans Charter For Education, for schools and other educational organisations to use:

  • All teachers to receive a minimum of 1 hrs training on trans awareness per year.
  • There should be an annual National Student Survey (anonymous) to monitor gender inclusivity.
  • No-gendered uniform – Have one single uniform or more than two options for uniform.
  • All people should have access to gender neutral bathrooms & changing facilities in all education establishments.
  • Whole school commitment to avoid gendered language e.g. ‘ladies’ or ‘guys’, and a culture where gendered language is challenged.
  • Non-gendered activities/sports MUST be an option in P.E and don’t gender sports e.g. all genders should be allowed to play football, all should be allowed to play netball.
  • Everywhere should have a comprehensive policy on transphobic bullying.
  • Every establishment should have a named person responsible for trans support, and they must have links with relevant local/national trans organisations. (BUT, supporting trans students is everybody’s job).
  • There must be a commitment to not assume gender &/or trans status, which includes a culture of asking people’s pronouns, and a culture of accepting the name people tell you they are (which might not be the same as is on the register).