The National Trans Youth Network was set up in September 2013. It is a network of trans youth groups from around the UK, and includes the youth workers who support them.

What are our aims?

  • To provide opportunities for young trans people to have fun, to socialise, to network, and to gain support and share ideas for a trans positive education from primary school through to university;
  • To help young people campaign for what they need by talking directly with those who can promote their interests and help them achieve better outcomes;
  • To support the needs of young trans people up to the age of 25, and those that work on their behalf in schools, colleges and universities

Terms of Reference

The reason the Network exists is to:
  • Support the needs of trans young people and the groups that work on their behalf;
  • Help trans young people campaign for what they need and make contact with the influencers who can help them achieve what they need;
  • Provide a space for professionals and volunteers to share best practice for working with trans young people, learn from each other, from organisations and from other people
  • Provide opportunities where trans young people can come together to socialise, network, gain support and share ideas for a trans positive world.

Member Groups

Click here to visit our partner organisation The Proud Trust, and see the full list of member groups by searching on the map